We believe the first best decision you can make... is to remake yourself.

Your body remakes itself and so does everything in Nature. You are unique and able to have the foresight to see your future - to know and manifest what you want. What is it that makes you feel alive, experience deep love, and feel pure joy? Living into your potential is what we call the Miracle Makers frequency. You can have access to this incredible energy by joining the Academy. Get Access NOW to everything you need - guided meditations, Masterclasses for wellness, love, and spiritual alchemy. We offer you all of the best resources to HEAL. FEEL.THRIVE! LOVE YOU!

Connect with Miracle Makers, Greg & Dr. Sarah Larsen

Did you know Hippocrates practiced and taught medicine at the medical school of Cos. He traveled widely to improve his knowledge. He was one of the Greek physicians who consulted the library of Imhotep's temple in Egypt to study Egyptian medicine. Gratefully, you can learn the arts Hippocrates propagated from where you are right now! It is not only explained within the academy, it is felt in your heart! We received from Coon Rapids, Minnesota, USA, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Pakistan, India, the United States, Egypt, Italy, England, Costa Rica, Trinadad & Tobago, Venezuela just to name a few mystery schools, University locations, and ministries. How rich is your experience when focused on being of service. We learned medicine, meditation. and raising miracle making frequencies! Of all, we learned we cherish what we gleaned from Mother Teresa, "If you judge people, you have no time to love them." Our hope is to LOVE ALL! SERVE ALL! BESTOW THE ART of raising frequency on like minded souls with joy, grace, and ease!

"Sarah Sees Who I Am… not where I see myself from... and when the dust had settled we had netted $26,100 for Hub City Live."

Rickie Byars
Music & Arts Director

"I was a guest speaker on a Miracle Makers Academy MasterClass and I was greatly impressed not only by the level of Dr. Sarah's authentic kindness and expertise, but also by how present she was with every single attendee. The way she held loving and welcoming space for everyone, myself included, was the expression of a genuine heart-centered healer. Thank you, Dr Sarah, your example is deeply inspiring!"

Isabella Greene
Metaphysical Specialist, Spiritual Healer, Coach and Teacher

"Who Can Do That... It was incredible how she was able to read into my body and family history! I realized she can answer all my questions and that was amazing and very valuable!"

Chris Wise
CEO, Wise Profits

What if it was possible to rewire your heart-brain-body connection to make lasting change, helping you to heal yourself?

Science, Religion, and founders of Miracle Makers Academy Dr. Sarah and Greg Larsen believe you can! They have helped thousands of people in over 100 countries to transform their lives for the better. Clients are typically looking to heal themselves from traumatic events, lack of focus, family crisis and some to further their super unusual gifts! Whatever it is that causes them to live an unfulfilled life, they found clear guidance here. You may have a unique challenge you want words of wisdom for so you join. Or you surrender to the experience of being a member because you want to manifest more money, relationship success and happiness in your life. You can unleash your miracle making frequency on a global scale. How do you Change Your Life and Live the Future You Desire? What is the innate power within you to change your life and all lives for the better?


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