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Welcome to Miracle Makers Academy and we are so excited that you are ready to "get started" on transforming your life situation and reinventing yourself for the next chapter of your journey!

Here is a quick snapshot of all the exciting stuff we have going on here at the academy!


Miracle Makers Academy Community

The Miracle Makers Academy will always be the sum of all the amazing Miracle Makers that become members and make their presence known, give back to the community on the MasterClasses, and share their transformation with family, friends, and their communities.

For $11.11 per month, you will be able to join a thriving community of miracle makers supporting each other to take a deep look into their hearts and search for a life that is meaningful, adventurous, and fulfilling!

Click here to explore all the amazing member benefits!

When you become a new member and join a MasterClass, raise your virtual hand in the second half of the class and when selected to receive your mini-reading let Dr. Sarah know so we can celebrate you and give you a group hug!


The best place to start is by joining the weekly live, online MasterClasses that deep dive into a juicy subject for the first hour and then in the second-hour listeners can ask for a psychic reading, medical intuitive reading, relationship coaching, or readings Dr. Sarah offers as a medium

The Masterclasses are offered via Zoom and you can join by computer or you can call in using your phone. 

Even if you only join the second hour of the call for a mini-reading this is perfectly okay.  Above all else, we want you to heal, feel, thrive... our driving mission here at the academy.

Take a deep dive into your heart and get the clarity you need to shift your life in a new direction and open yourself to the miraculous!

"Before attending a MasterClass, I believed that I was broken. Crippled with multiple back surgeries, a tight heart from a failed marriage, lost thoughts running around in my brain, and a career in shambles, I thought that I was just powerless. But, something shifted in the way I saw the world as a result of this class. Instead of feeling like a victim, I had a fresh start. Instead of seeing loss, I started to see possibilities.

For example, what if my vulnerabilities connected me to others with unbridled empathy? But, it just wasn’t my thoughts that changed. Within days of this session, my life was actually changed. First, a new home. Then, new career interviews. And even further, new dating possibilities…

Could just one session really transform a life? Really? Yes. It did! And, it will for you too!" ~ Andrew


Miracle Makers Academy Blog

The blog is full of transformational messages, advice, wisdom, and guidance!  Each week a highlighted clip from the live Masterclasses is released as a blog post and free to everyone.

Watch or listen to Dr. Sarah Larsen, Greg Larsen, or special guests and they share with you what they are learning along the way to becoming Miraculous Adults!

Transformation happens by grace!  Transformation happens by decision!  Transformation happens by discipline!  Transformation happens by generosity.

It was grace that led you here to this moment.  It was your decision to click "Get Started" and explore with openness and curiosity. 

It will also be in the realm of decision to sign up for the newsletter and join a live MasterClass, then download and listen to the "Loving What Is" guided meditation... our gift to you! 

It will then be your discipline to focus on your transformation by discarding distractions and old habits and focusing your attention on the transformative information, guidance, experiences, and wisdom of this academy (or other inspiring sources of transformation... we have ours too).

And then you get to participate in the richly rewarding process of paying it forward, sharing your gifts and talents, teaching others, and offering the healing presence of your transformed self! 

Your generosity will transform the world around you and thus transform our world.  

This one question has been a guiding force in our lives and is the reason for the Miracle Makers Academy... "How is God calling us to serve?"  

God (Source... Creator) wants you to be generous, to participate in the dance of generously giving and receiving, and fully participate in the miracle of life!

Check out the blog today and receive the generosity of this calling!


Clarify and Create What You Want with Dr. Sarah Larsen

If you are feeling stuck or feel challenged by obstacles in your life, your relationships and love, or especially your health, then one-on-one time with me will afford you the most rapid level of information.

Inquire about working together here!

“My sessions with Dr. Sarah Larsen were one of the most extraordinary healing experiences I have ever experienced.

She has an innate ability to scan the body and intuitively diagnose areas in the body that need support via physical touch, nutrition, or emotional support.

I am in the Health and Wellness field and have worked with many health experts and practitioners and I can honestly say that Dr. Sarah is one of the best!

I was in a physical crisis situation a few months ago and Dr. Sarah spent three sessions with me and brought me from an acute place of anxiety to a restored place of physical and emotional balance.

Her nurturing and patient caring was remarkable and I am forever grateful for her support. I highly recommend Dr. Sarah Larsen.”

Dawna Shuman, Lighthouse PR


Reinvent Your Life with Greg Larsen

Reinvention!  Are we ever finished with reinventing ourselves?

As long as you are alive and have another day to be curious, to be helpful, to be a friend, and to make a difference in the world... then you need to quiet that voice in your head that says "no" and surprise yourself with all that you can do!

The Reinvented You Discovery Session

Here you are!  You’ve lived that chapter: marriage, kids, corporate job, and living for them (spouse, kids, boss, school, society, parents)!

Now as that chapter comes to a close you feel that call within to reinvent yourself, to find and follow your passions, to focus on your health and well-being, and to live a life that is meaningful, adventurous, and successful on your own terms... 

heartfelt choices must be made and bold action must be taken!

The call of freedom is speaking to your soul but making big changes can be scary and lonely.

So the need to powerfully make choices to spark your midlife transformation is essential if you want to generate the momentum that will take you into the great unknown… yet a place you already know will offer a deep feeling of peace, contentment, fulfillment, and contribution.  

So what does being reinvented look like to you?

Where do you live?  Who are you with? How is your health?  What is your career, business, or vocation?  How do you nurture your connection to God, Source, or the Creator?

I highly encourage you to get out a pen and paper and answer those questions!

I also highly encourage you to schedule a “Reinvented You” discover session!

Over the course of my journey, I have discovered powerful exercises and tools that will allow you to tap into your heart and inner guidance so you can visualize a journey to visit, speak with, and ask for personalized guidance of your 

The best place to begin with reinventing yourself is to see yourself reinvented.  Yes, as in you have already lived through your reinvention journey and are now receiving all the success, fulfillment, happiness, and joy that comes with that journey of transformation!

How do you see yourself reinvented?  You can journal and visualize who you think you would become after your moment of decisive action.

Or you can join me on the journey of the Reinvented You Discovery Session and bypass the limitations of your ego and past identities to pierce into your deepest wisdom and knowing and viscerally experience who you are transformed.

If you are feeling that deep nudge from within to shed the old you and reinvent yourself, then I can help with a very special offer for Miracle Makers! 

Contact me today to schedule your free Reinvented You Discovery Session that will give you one of the clearest and most potent visions of yourself transformed... a powerful gift to help you push through the fear of the unknown that all big life changes inherently carry. 

Don't let the fear of the unknown hold you back another day from making the choices you know you have to make to live YOUR life!

E-mail me at [email protected] or call 310-971-7223 to inquire about a discovery session!


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