Miracle Makers Academy

The Miracle Makers Academy is your new family for supporting you on the journey of fully embracing the miracle maker that you truly are!  Your very life is a miracle and the fact that you can co-create your reality is the frosting on the cake!

Join us and get instant access to the Miracle Manifestation Method to immediately help re-calibrate your miracle maker frequency and vibration!  

The Miracle Manifestation Method is a 10-Module course taught by Dr. Sarah Larsen and Ginger Metraux, Ph.D. and designed to catapult you to the next level of manifesting

A synthesis of ancient and cutting-edge teachings, the Miracle Manifestation Method covers topics such as:

  • Your Miraculous Mojo
  • Breaking the Spells: The New Magic of Freedom
  • Mastering the Manifesting Matrix
  • What Do You Want... Do You Really, Really Want?
  • The Golden Toolbox: Initiations to Your Treasures
  • Your Universal App
  • Hacking the Magic of Momentum: Mind the Gap
  • All of Me Wants All of You: Magnetizing Honeymoon Love
  • Bulletproof Your Money Magic
  • GPS to Your Destiny: You Have Arrived

The Miracle Manifestation Method was taught to a live audience and included extensive teachings, written exercises, physical exercises, and nuggets of wisdom from the life-long journeys of both Dr. Sarah and Ginger. 

Attendees paid $1297 for the 10 week course!  This transformational training is now available to you as a member of the Miracle Makers Academy when you subscribe for just $10 a month.  

As a member of the Miracle Makers Academy, you will also have access to monthly Web Meetings with Dr. Sarah for Q & A, coaching, intuitive readings, and the latest discoveries.  

Dr. Sarah will also be releasing new videos every month and will offer supplemental training and deep dives into modules with the latest discoveries. She will also offer surprises that spring up along the way from being open to the miraculous!

You will also receive access to the Miracle Makers Academy private Facebook community group where you can connect with other miracle makers and find inspiration, answers to questions, success stories, and a tribe of like minded people!

Risk-Free Trial: Subscribe today and you will have 30 days to explore all 10 modules, gain access to the exclusive Web Meeting, and delight in synchronous surprises. 

If you are not completely satisfied with the Academy or the Miracle Manifestation Method, then send us an e-mail at [email protected] and your $10 will be refunded immediately.  You have nothing to lose and only transformation and miracles to gain!



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