The 10-Day
Master Cleanse 

Shed the "pandemic pounds" and begin the new year as a new you!

Help Shed Limiting Beliefs and Adopt the Mindset and Discipline Necessary...
to Successfully Achieve the Simple Goal of the Master Cleanse: Detox Your Body and Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days. 

Dear Fellow Master Cleanse Enthusiast!

The promise of a better 2021 is on the hearts and minds of us all!

2020 was a wild ride... with frustrations and challenges...

and for some, sadness and calamity.

With all the stress and being forced to stay at home (with a houseful for some), Netflix and comfort food soothed our anxiety and fears!

As we think about taking steps toward the promise of a new year...

The "pandemic pounds" or the holiday indulgences are staring right back at us in the mirror.

Do you have a New Years' resolution that will help you detox your body and shed weight?

Do you have a solid plan and a support team in place to help you make this goal a reality?

I don't know about you, but we are going to have a solid plan and the support team in place.

If you have a desire in your heart to shed the "pandemic pounds" and start the new year renewed...

Then we invite you to what we believe will be one of the most pivotal events to help you rock the new year...

The 10-Day Master Cleanse Challenge!

Also known as the "Lemonade Diet," the Master Cleanse is a proven method for detoxing the body and shedding weight.

But make no mistake about it, a 10-day liquid-only fast is a very challenging endeavor!

That is why we are offering you the opportunity to join us on this adventure starting January 4th.

Join us for instructions, support, inspiration, and a 10 part class on Optimal Health Mastery where we will be going live every day of the challenge at 10 AM Pacific to offer guidance, information, and accountability to help you successfully complete the Master Cleanse experience and rock your health in 2021.  It is so worth it!

When you join the upcoming 10-day challenge, you will get this valuable training for free!

We invite you to enter your name and e-mail below and join us for a one of a kind 10-day journey for healthy-minded people like you who desire to detox the body, shed weight, and renew their lives! 

Dr. Sarah and Greg Larsen
Founders, Miracle Makers Academy

The Challenge Started on January 4th!  There is still time to join and start Your cleanse!

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Be inspired to detox your body, lose 10 pounds in 10 days, and optimize your health!

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  • In our 10-Day Challenge, we hold nothing back from teaching you how to master the "Lemonade Diet" so you can shed the unwanted weight of 2020 and create 2021 with a renewed body, mind, and spirit!
  • Learn a repeatable method of fasting so you can shed unwanted weight, rest your digestive tract, cleanse your colon, and eliminate toxins in your cells.
  • When you sign up today, you will get FREE access to a 10-day Optimal Health Mastery Class that includes energy medicine, holistic nutrition, meditation, and cutting edge mind/body science!


Secrets on how to create a healthy and vital body, food habits and will support you in maintaining your ideal weight, and a profound sense of accomplishment when you successfully complete the fast and go without food for 10 plus days!

When you sign up today, you will get full access to a 10-day "gold mine" of an experience for FREE... an exceptional value!


We have helped tens of thousands of people heal, feel, and thrive with our online courses, the Personal Development for Extraordinary People live event series, the online Miracle Makers Academy, YouTube videos (over 1 Million views), Miracle Makers Podcast, Group Coaching, Spiritual Travel, and private sessions... from around the world.

Most Importantly: we love inspiring and supporting people to transform their bodies and lives with the Master Cleanse and healthy habits!

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One of my best teachers in life...

“Since 2012 I have known and learned from Dr. Sarah Larsen. She has been a source of wisdom, clarity, and spiritual assistance throughout times of personal difficulty, pain, and self-growth.

As an artist, I’ve grown in the process of my work as I’ve applied the wisdom and spiritual correlations between creativity and understanding universal laws of energy and furthermore; how artistry is forever affected and shaped by different energy offerings.  Dr. Larsen’s spiritual coaching has assisted me immensely in my work both as an artist and as a psychologist.

As a psychologist, I am constantly analyzing, and the continuing education on the psyche and all things spiritual as taught to me by Dr. Larsen has heightened my sensitivity and awareness of my true purpose as well as gaining a deeper understanding of my soul.

I always cherish my time with her and look forward to my future talks. I am always thirsty for the type of positive empowerment and valuable knowledge she has to offer and I regard her as a compassionate friend and one of my best teachers in life.”

Celine Najarian

Mother, Artist, and Psychologist

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The 10-Day Master Cleanse Challenge

Detox Your Body and Lose 10 Pounds in 10 Days

Discover What Has People Raving About Working With Dr. Sarah at Miracle Makers Academy

“Dr. Sarah Larsen is a never-ending flow and source of Divine information and pure Love~Joy energy!  Her readings are FABULOUS! 

More than once, I have witnessed, experienced, and benefited from her unique, gentle, warm, compassionate, caring and inspirational style of leadership, sharing of insight, and intuitive guidance. 

My time with her has been beyond helpful and supportive in my personal life’s journey and mission. 

As a professional intuitive and energy worker, I can attest that Dr. Sarah is a reader for readers, a healer for healers, an intuitive for intuitives… she is truly a gift to all of humanity.”

Thank YOU, Dr. Sarah!"

Lori Spagna

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Visionary

“My sessions with Dr. Sarah Larsen were one of the most extraordinary healing experiences I have ever experienced.

She has an innate ability to scan the body and intuitively diagnose areas in the body that need support via physical touch, nutrition, or emotional support.

I am in the Health and Wellness field and have worked with many health experts and practitioners and I can honestly say that Dr. Sarah is one of the best!

I was in a physical crisis situation a few months ago and Dr. Sarah spent three sessions with me and brought me from an acute place of anxiety to a restored place of physical and emotional balance.

Her nurturing and patient caring was remarkable and I am forever grateful for her support. I highly recommend Dr. Sarah Larsen.”

Dawna Shuman

Lighthouse Public Relations


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