The Science of Letting Go of Your Habits

wellness Nov 11, 2019


What is the relationship you have with your habits?

Are they habits grounded in your principles and support your highest expression?

Or are they "bad" habits that frustrate and annoy you as you clearly see how they are holding you back?

I want to share with you what I've learned about letting go of habits that no longer serve you so you can adopt new habits that uplift and support your journey!

  • Are you feeling physically vital?
  • Is your love life juicy and stable?
  • Do you have friendships that are fulling and empowering?
  • Do you know your purpose and are you taking steps to make it your vocation?
  • Are you financially stable and creating wealth?
  • Is your spiritual life a priority and not lost in distraction?

Watch now my MasterClass on the science of letting go of your habits so you can take a deep dive into your habits and learn how to make them work for you and not against you!



Dr. Sarah

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